joi, 14 noiembrie 2013

5 tips to get perfect holiday gowns

 Are you planning a romantic get away this year and you aren't sure where should you get your fabulous gowns? Try, they are specialized in amazing gowns fit for every special occasion that could appear in your life. That includes that perfect holiday party that you will attend at the end of the year.

But how can you save up? I have 5 great tips that will help you keep things under budget and leave you some savings for that fabulous pair of shoes that you deserve.

1. Shop prom

You heard me right - shop for floor length prom dresses! Don’t worry prom dresses don’t come with a tag that says this is a gown made for a teenager! You will save up and get a designer gown at half the price.

2. Focus on colors

Black gowns will always cost more as everyone is interested in having a great black gown. But if you already have one why not go for a cheaper colored gown?

3. Don’t go with the trend

We all know what are the trends for evening dresses 2013 - don’t go in the same direction. You will end up paying more just because tangerine is a must have color or neon is the most sought after tendency.

4. Include accessories

When you decide upon a dress keep in mind what will you need for the complete look - don’t pay less for a dress that will need extra attention on accessories. Consider a better acquisition a dress that will not need jewelries or a statement pair of shoes.

5. Go full length

Holidays are a perfect occasion to wear floor length gowns, they are more elegant and will help you look more chic and super slim. They also look fabulous with a tanned skin, if your holidays will be in a tropical location.

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